Gen Z Counseling is a consulting firm that helps families and children of the digital native generation to define their own academic and professional career strategy, starting from their dreams and expectations.

Time is critical when defining one’s career. Gen Z support, which can be activated at different steps of the path, helps to optimize the time needed.

Gen Z Counseling helps to choose and plan access to universities, to select courses, schools, experiences that are useful for pursuing a career strategy.

We are an Italian and English mother tongue team

With experience as educators, managers, parents.


We offer mother tongue services in English and Italian.

We are in Lugano, Switzerland, but we appeal to students from all backgrounds.

Our services can also be provided completely via the internet, based on the needs of the family and the student.


We are a team with diversified experiences.

The cultural and experience diversity is our distinctive factor.

We share the strategic vision of the value associated with education, as professionals, managers and parents of students with an international background.

Each student is unique.

The career path is individual

The career path cannot be duplicated


It is the student who decides and chooses his / her academic and professional career path.

The family is the context in which ideas and choices are stimulated and supported.

The Counselor enhances the student’s aptitudes and facilitates and simplifies the decision-making process.


Solutions to training questions can be complex.

The “one size fits all” approach is not ours: on the contrary, the specificities of each student / family guide our activities. Our “core” services are a targeted strategy and a roadmap designed for each student / family.

Wherever you live and study, we can support international admission processes, put into practice a preparation plan for secondary school (High School) or University, or simply for a comparison on your professional future programs

We will work together
so that your future is not a causality of events.