Educational Roadmap

Initial Interview

Which is the right one?

The initial interview is a delicate step.

The counseling service usually begins with an initial interview involving parents and students.

It is a moment of mutual information exchange, aimed at getting to know one other and understanding where you start and where you want and can get to by working together.

Information of a scholastic and personal nature is collected, extra-academic experiences are evaluated, expectations, interests and passions, including sports, are analyzed, perspectives and constraints that can limit choices in an international path are evaluated. The possible horizons are examined together, according to the information collected. The first theoretical objectives are outlined and others discarded. We evaluate whether there are concrete interests and conditions for professional support.

Which is the right one?

Strategic assessment

The possible itineraries

Set a goal and make it possible, evaluating alternative scenarios.

Understanding the possible alternatives for a high school and university course, knowing the different methods of entry, keeping in mind the importance of the “time factor”, helps to achieve concrete goals and evaluate the most suitable solutions.

The initial interview is an overall assessment of the real possibilities, it gives you possible scenarios, sometimes alternatives, to successfully access and attend international schools at a High School and/or University level.

At the end of this step, the family and the student have a personalized Map, which describes the possible paths and the contributions they can expect by collaborating with GenZ Counseling.

Educational road map?

The educational strategy

Where do you want to go? How do you get there?

A strategy is like a means of transport.

Taking a trip with a comfortable and safe means of transport can make that trip less tiring and make you more certain of arriving on time and in shape.

Developing a strategy that sets concrete and feasible goals, taking into account personal characteristics, ambitions, family expectations, time available is a valuable step to avoid making attempts, wasting time, not meeting deadlines, of not having the right information.

To develop your own international education strategy, you need to have had this experience, not only as a student or as an educator, but also as a parent. Sometimes, a “racking” of work experiences can also be useful, giving concrete indications of what the working world expects and how it’s also changing its selection requirements.


Initial interview and strategic assessment

  • Diagnostics of the starting Curriculum: updating or reworking.
  • Overview of educational systems, differences between types of international Diploma.

Educational road map

  • Personalized Action Plan for Admission.
  • Organization of visits to High School and University campuses and interviews with Senior Heads and school staff.
  • Organization and preparation of targeted interviews with “important people” – professionals, managers and entrepreneurs – who can give their updated and clear vision of the expectations of the working world.