Goal Making Experiences – 12-14 years old

Too young?

Age 12-14 years

It may seem premature, but this is the age when an individual has their maximum learning potential – speed and flexibility –

Playing, having fun, playing sports, experimenting, traveling, visiting museums, being with adults and peers: these are alternative and complementary opportunities to the traditional method of learning!

After-school hours, school breaks, summer holidays are precious moments to have fun, grow, but also to learn.

Doing one or more sports allows you to create and use up a lot of energy, but also learn the rules of the game, socialize with others, formulate a game strategy, develop a sense of healthy competition, learn to win and to lose.

Traveling with your family or starting to experience small periods away from home, develops skills of comparison, adaptation, novelty management and dealing with a language barrier.

Summer and school holidays are moments to relax, but they can also be a chance for the child to experience autonomy from the family for the first time, in protected structures suitable for young children.

What contribution does the counselor make in this age group?

Teambuilder - Facilitator

An investment in the advanced and selective Education options by the parent goes beyond the basic educational duty: it is an independent choice in the future of their children.


It is the parents who decide and influence the choices of their children in this age group. For this reason, they must be informed and be able to make informed choices.

The support of an expert can facilitate the understanding of the differences that exist between educational systems by providing information about their characteristics, the different paths and the different opportunities.

Family + Counselor

Understanding attitudes, expectations, real potential. Designing a coherent educational program. Evaluating whether conditions and interests exist for an international study path (High School) and obtaining an international diploma.

Propose solutions to integrate into the traditional local educational path.

Participate actively in the choices for summer schools, travel, augmentative experiences.

Student + Counselor

Aptitude tests, personality study, evaluation of potential.

Preparation for different educational systems.

Defining a Custom Roadmap.