Language Certificate

Communicate and study as non-native speakers

How difficult it is!

Participating in international study programs requires advanced communication skills in English and a good level of at least one second language. Communicating for study and work requires a foreign language skill that’s completely different to that used when you travel, communicate on social media, watch a movie.

To pass SAT international admission tests, ACT requires a mastery of the written English language that includes the speed of comprehension of content, of questions, and the formulation of a large number of answers in a certain time.

Writing the Personal Statement and Essays on topics and subjects of study requires constant writing practice and good argumentative and expression skills.

Studying scientific and humanistic subjects with good results means understanding, reworking texts, formulas, answers, interacting with the class in a language other than one’s own.

The winning card?

communicate in a non-native language

Progress in learning a language takes time.

There are solutions that allow you to make “jumps” of learning, but it is better to organize the certification tests of the language level and check their validity over time.

Only for students who already attend international schools, the certification of the first language in some cases is not a requirement, but even in these cases the certification is a guarantee of the level of mastery of understanding and of the ability to express and write to face study contexts international.

Competition between international students is also played on linguistic mastery, especially of the English language. There is a competitive advantage for boys who started studying in international circles before school age (kindegarden) or who belong to bilingual families. In order to optimize efforts, the study of languages ​​must not be done randomly, on the contrary, it must be carefully planned and organized to pass, from the first steps and with the necessary progression, international certification tests.

Certifications of various levels are required to access summer courses, to undertake interships abroad and to access international training programs.


Language assessment

  • Assessment of language level

Educational road map

  • Personalized action plan to improve the level of knowledge of the language, of writing, reading and expression techniques, aimed at managing study topics in international environments.
  • Personalized plan to understand the process and to prepare for SAT, ACT tests.
  • Planning of language certification tests.