Summer School and Intership

Free time

A strategic resource

Free time from school commitments is precious, fun and enriches one’s curriculum. It’s also an opportunity to increase one’s profile with distinctive experiences.

Knowing how to use your free time, during the school period or holidays, to relax and, in the meantime, increase your experience and knowledge, requires availability, but also the ability to plan and select useful and, gradually, better tailored experiences geared towards the objectives of the Diploma and the university of choice.

The Personal Statement also partly expresses this ability: how the student was able to organize himself/herself between study commitments, their personal and social life, cultural interests, sports passions, language learning and work experiences.

Knowing first, what you will be asked later, helps you use your free time, not randomly, but strategically.

With growth, needs and interests change. To be effective, proposals for how to invest your free time must be appropriate to these changes.


Strategic use of free time

  • Definition of a strategy for the use of time concretely available to be invested in training, considering past experiences, interests and expectations
  • Research and selection of possible alternatives – analysis of the requirements – evaluation of the validity of summer camps and training options – balance between location, sporting interests, linguistic opportunities, preparation for university courses (medicine, engineering, art subjects)
  • Support for the admissions process for summer courses with academic and/or linguistic content
  • Analysis of feedback and experiences to enhance them for the child’s profile and to guide subsequent choices.