Hi Generation Z!

How do you imagine your future?

If you're thinking about an international career or you feel like a citizen of the world, you need to build an adequate course of study.

What is your personalized strategy to study abroad?

It's not you who chooses the university.

It is the university that chooses you.

Do you have a strategy
to make yourself chosen?

The final choice must always be yours.


An academic and professional career cannot be improvised, it is built. To invest in the education of one's children, a strategy is needed.
What value can the counselor offer to the family?


A process of selection and admission to international high schools and universities requires many choices. Every choice must be the right one. What value can the counselor offer to the student?

Generation Z are "digital natives"

Growing up in a hyper-connected context characterized by strong economic and social instability, they consider education as a means of establishing themselves and obtaining autonomy.

Who is the academic counselor?

Teambuilder Facilitator?

Career Architect?

Academic Strategist?

Program Manager?

A personalized service is based on a mix of these skills, creating a single team. It's aim is to design and realize a truly personalized strategy to study abroad




Only one team to design and realize a truly personalized strategy to study abroad

Don’t confuse schooling with education.
I didn’t go to Harvard but the people that work for me did!

Elon Musk


Initial interview & strategic assessment

Personalized roadmap. Design & execution

Summer School & Internship

Languages Certificate

Study in EU and CH

Study in UK. UCAS and Oxbridge Applications

Study in USA. Common APP and TEST

Personal Statement and Essay Review

Invest in your future!

Define and grow your career strategy.

GenZ Counseling – division of dFloater SA – works as an independent educational consultant, with a team of native English and Italian speakers. It is not an agent.

GenZ offers services to families and students in the process of choosing international studies and admission to High Schools and Universities abroad, mainly in EUROPE – SWITZERLAND – UK – USA and CANADA.

We are located in Lugano, Switzerland, but we cater to students from all backgrounds.

Lugano has always had an international city and is home to important international institutes like the Ticino International School, TASIS – The American School of Switzerland – the Università della Svizzera Italiana – USI – and Franklin University Switzerland (FUS) and other quality institutes.

GenZ Counseling also provides services remotely via the internet. The preliminary contacts are those that allow you to evaluate the student’s curriculum and develop a personalized education strategy, even in stages, in full compliance with the principles of privacy.

The Services Portfolio is modular and personalized and is based on direct experiences gained in the education field at international institutions, but also as parents who have followed and participated in building their children’s educational path.

We support the selection of schools abroad, organize visits and facilitate contacts with the relevant Admission Team. We coordinate preparation for SAT, ACT, STEP, MAT, Oxbridge Test, IB / APs exams, interviews or IELTS, TOEFL, OOPT Online Oxford Placement Test.